In order to explain how we think about investing here at Woodmont, as well as to help our clients better understand their own investments, we are beginning a series of short posts about how best to think about investing.

This is of great importance, as the data is quite conclusive that the average investor has abysmally under-performed vs. the broader market indices.

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In case your holiday shopping list includes a book or two, below is a list of the Woodmont team’s top reads in 2016. Listed below in alphabetical order with a brief blurb about each from Amazon.

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The oldest Millennials are hitting an inflection point — what should they be thinking about as they begin to grow their wealth, make partner, and get promoted?

They say that if you hear something once, it is an interesting anecdote. If you hear it twice, it could be a coincidence. But if you hear something a third time, you should pay attention. The topic of our piece originated from a situation exactly like this. Over the past month or so, we have had a number of mid-thirty somethings bring up the same discussion about how to handle their emerging wealthy status.

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