From our close work with family enterprises, we understand families are unique. We partner with families in a multi-generational context and in collaboration with other advisors to meet specific goals.

We are comfortable and experienced in working with family office staff, family councils, private trust companies, family foundations, and family investment partnerships.

Recognizing that families have a wide range of investment background and acumen, we have deep expertise in designing investment education programs to assist and support the family's efforts to invest its liquid capital.


Sale of the Family Business

A married couple in their 40’s sold their company to a larger competitor. Before the sale, the overwhelming majority of the couple’s wealth was in the family business, so investing for the long term was of utmost important. Through their accountant’s existing network, the couple interviewed bank trust departments and stock brokerage firms, but felt most comfortable with Woodmont’s independent business model, completely transparent asset fee, and organizational structure.

After our initial consultation, we completed a detailed financial plan with the assistance of their accountant and estate attorney. The family opted to create revocable trusts for certain assets and retained an independent trust company to serve as trustee while Woodmont maintained its investment manager role on the entire portfolio. This option allowed for continuity with independent checks and balances to ensure that the family’s financial interests always came first.

Family Investment Partnership

A second generation family still owns and operates a manufacturing business. The second generation siblings have decided to start an investment partnership to begin investing some of the liquid capital that has built up both within and outside the business. While they are experts at running and operating manufacturing facilities, they are looking for an investment advisor with deep levels of expertise, but also an appreciation of the nuances that come with a family that has decided to stay invested together over generations.

Woodmont collaborated with the Investment Committee of the family to develop an appropriate asset allocation. We meet regularly with family members to provide investment education, an update on financial markets and the returns of their investment portfolio.

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