The Challenges Faced by Endowment and Foundation Boards Have Never Been Greater.

Effective Governance - We free our Institutional Clients to focus on Governance

  • Develop and implement appropriate and sensible organizational risk management
  • Determine impact of competition and technology on organization's core mission and focus

Successfully Navigate Investment Landscape to Support and Provide for Mission

  • Investment landscape has become markedly more complex in last 20 years.
  • Competition and today’s historically low interest rate environment have made traditional styles of investing (60% equities / 40% bonds) more challenging.
  • New products and styles of investing are constantly being introduced– for example factor-based models, risk parity, liability driven investing, etc.

Support and Provide for Mission

  • Obligation to provide for near-term organizational needs, as well as position the organization for the long-term.
  • Compressed market return environment makes hitting return targets within risk parameters incrementally more challenging.

Woodmont Investment Counsel is your partner in navigating this complex environment

Effective Governance

  • We free our Institutional Clients to focus on Governance
  • Organization’s Board of Directors freed to focus on assisting and driving organization to fulfill its mission
  • Monitor and hold accountable investment advisor versus having to micro-manage

Complex Investment Landscape / Support and Provide for mission

  • Woodmont Investment Counsel Serves as Investment Fiduciary
  • Registered Investment Advisor – Fiduciary standard of care
  • Economic alignment of incentives – only paid on value of your portfolio
  • Nimble organization with exceptional client service
  • Experienced, sophisticated investment team to navigate investment landscape
  • Comprehensive, defined investment process focused on long-term, value-aware asset allocation, diversification, impact of investment fees, and risk management


Non-Profit Endowment

The investment committee of a not-for-profit organization noticed under-performance of its endowment assets and worried that the organization’s disbursements could suffer. The board also grew increasingly dissatisfied with its investment manager’s limited attention and responsiveness. After completing an internal portfolio review, the investment committee sought a new direction for its endowment. Woodmont was retained to manage the funds after a formal proposal process.

Because stable and growing endowment disbursements are paramount, Woodmont worked with the organization’s Chief Financial Officer to understand yearly forecasts and the existing disbursement schedule. Working with both the finance and investment committees, we strengthened the endowment's Investment Policy Statement and implemented a long-term investment plan for both asset growth and income. We also greatly reduced the endowment’s investment expenses. Today we provide quarterly portfolio reviews to the investment committee and speak with the organization’s CFO frequently. Additionally, we work with the organization’s leadership as a true partner in the furthering of the organization’s mission.

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