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Frequently Asked Questions
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What separates us from other financial advisors?

Woodmont Investment Counsel, LLC is an independent, fee-based registered investment adviser located in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2000, Woodmont serves high net-worth individuals, families, endowments, foundations, 401(k) plans, and trusts. Woodmont’s Principals are equity and fixed-income investors with extensive investment experience throughout numerous market cycles. Our experience, independence and fiduciary role are as important as ever in today’s complex financial marketplace. In addition to investment management, Woodmont also provides advice on related financial matters, often through conflict-free referrals to highly-regarded outside professionals. Our collective experience is a defining characteristic in our ability to provide prudent ongoing investment advice.

What does being a Fiduciary mean?

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What is your fee model?

We are a fee-based investment advisor. In order to serve the full range of our clients’ financial needs, we do offer insurance and other products that are only available with a sales commission. In such cases we clearly and fully disclose the costs involved.

What is your investment process?

Our only business (and sole source of income) is providing transparent, fee-based investment management. However, for most clients, a Woodmont relationship also includes counseling on related financial matters including estate planning, business ownership, tax and retirement planning. If we identify gaps that should be addressed, we work with the client’s legal, accounting, and other advisers or we make referrals to those who have the necessary expertise.

Before executing the first transaction, we acquire a thorough understanding of each client‘s financial circumstances, risk tolerance and investment objectives. After familiarizing ourselves with clients’ goals, we present a tailored investment strategy and asset allocation plan. Upon approval, we begin to execute the strategy. Most clients’ portfolios will consist of a customized mix of equities, fixed-income, and where appropriate alternative investments.

We meet regularly to ensure clients remain well-informed about the portfolio and that we remain informed about changes in circumstances or goals that might affect our management of the portfolio. Clients receive monthly statements from their broker/custodian. In addition, we provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand quarterly investment appraisals for clients.
Case Studies
Woodmont Investment Counsel’s goal is to provide a personalized strategy for the accumulation, protection, and transition of our clients’ wealth. The following examples illustrate how Woodmont has helped individuals, families, and organizations manage financial assets and meet their goals.

While their approach is tailored to each client’s individual needs and planning, these results may not be typical for all clients. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Investment Case Studies

Transitioning after the Death of a Spouse

A widower in his 70’s contacted Woodmont and asked for an evaluation of his investment accounts after reviewing his estate plan with his attorney. We discovered his investments were not consistent with his conservative risk profile and his desire to provide tuition for his three grandchildren who would be attending college in the next few years. Specifically, he had an aggressive asset allocation that included a large weighting in emerging market mutual funds and risky small-capitalization stocks. Both of these positions generated large amounts of income for the brokerage firm managing his money because of the funds’ high sales charges and ongoing 12b-1 expenses.

After a portfolio review and understanding that Woodmont never receives income from sales charges or 12b-1 expenses, we were retained and implemented a rebalancing effort and income-focused investment strategy. We purchased high-quality individual bonds, low-cost and broadly diversified exchange traded funds (ETFs) and blue chip equities with attractive dividends, pursuant to our client’s plans. He was able to increase the performance of his portfolio, increase the income received from his investment assets, and greatly reduce the expenses that were diminishing his investable wealth.

Non-Profit Endowment

The investment committee of a not-for-profit organization noticed under performance of its endowment assets and worried that the organization’s disbursements could suffer. The board also grew increasingly dissatisfied with its investment manager’s limited attention and responsiveness. After completing an internal portfolio review, the investment committee sought a new direction for its endowment. Woodmont was retained to manage the funds after a formal proposal process.

Because stable and growing endowment disbursements are paramount, Woodmont worked with the organization’s Chief Financial Officer to understand yearly forecasts and the existing disbursement schedule. Working with both the finance and investment committees, we strengthened the endowment's Investment Policy Statement and implemented a long-term investment plan for both asset growth and income. We also greatly reduced the endowment’s investment expenses. Today we provide quarterly portfolio reviews to the investment committee and speak with the organization’s CFO frequently. Additionally, we work with the organization’s leadership as a true partner in the furthering of the organization’s mission.

Sale of the Family Business

A married couple in their 40’s sold their company to a larger competitor. Before the sale, the overwhelming majority of the couple’s wealth was in the family business, so the importance of investing for the long-term was of the utmost importance. Through their accountant’s existing network, the couple interviewed bank trust departments and stock brokerage firms, but felt most comfortable with Woodmont’s independent business model, completely transparent asset fee, and organizational structure.

After our initial consultation, we completed a detailed financial plan with the assistance of their accountant and estate attorney. The family opted to create revocable trusts for certain assets and retained an independent trust company to serve as trustee while Woodmont maintained its investment manager role on the entire portfolio. This option allowed for continuity with independent checks and balances to ensure that the family’s financial interests always came first.

Because of prudent planning the family’s wealth has grown substantially since the sale of the business.

Investing a Divorce Settlement

A recently divorced woman, “Allison,” in her 50’s, with two college-aged children, contacted Woodmont after a referral from her attorney. Following a meeting to understand her plans for the future and reviewing details of the settlement with her attorney, it was clear that the assets included in the settlement would need to be reinvested to both increase liquidity and reduce risk.

Understanding Allison’s situation, we completed a detailed financial plan outlining her existing assets, liabilities, income requirements, and evolving risk tolerance in order to create a formal investment policy for her assets. After establishing her account, Allison utilized Woodmont’s online access and portfolio reporting to monitor the diversification and rebalancing of the settlement assets while staying in constant contact with her investment team.

Allison now enjoys receiving monthly income from her investments which is electronically deposited in the checking account of her choosing at no cost and meets with the Woodmont team quarterly to review her investments against her established investment policy. Partnering with Woodmont gave Allison confidence that her investments were generating the necessary income while preserving her assets.

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