Our Story

Founded in 2000, we are an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) with approximately $1.3 billion in assets under management as of January 2023

Our team includes a diverse set of professionals with extensive investment experience through numerous market cycles. Our financial planning expertise covers an increasingly complicated retirement, estate, and tax policy landscape.

Customized Solutions

We serve as a fiduciary to our clients always placing their interests ahead of our own, disclosing all fees, and any potential conflicts of interest.

Long winding road
Long winding road

Investment Focus

We invest significant time and resources to understand the financial objectives of our clients, whether they’re individuals or institutions. And we are grateful for the opportunity to serve them.

While headquartered in Nashville,

we serve high net worth and institutional clients throughout the United States. Regardless of a client’s location, our client-first culture and highly personalized services distinguish us from much larger national competitors.

Our Values

As a firm, we are interested in continuous improvement and identifying new ways to help our clients and improve their experience. Our values, listed below, guide our approach to how we serve clients today and in the future.


We align our interests with clients and as fiduciaries always place their interests ahead of our own.


We listen carefully to our clients and design solutions consistent with their priorities.


We are independent thinkers driven by a deep desire to always do the right thing for our clients.


We are transparent with our clients and provide clear, timely, and honest information in all our communications.


We have a passion for investing and financial planning, while always maintaining a long-term perspective.


We seek to create a team culture that values and respects every member and leverages our collective experiences, unique talents, and broad networks for the benefit of our clients and in support of our team’s personal and professional aspirations.